Immortal Reviews' Favorite Songs Of 2017


1. Ed Sheeran - 'Supermarket Flowers'

All of Divide was written beautifully. The entire album didn't embody love so much as it embodied being human. As Ed Sheeran retold some of his fondest memories, he didn't steer away from some of the more sobering ones. 'Supermarket Flowers' is the closing track on the record, as well as the most crushing. The raw piano and vocal track tells the tale of Sheeran losing his grandmother, all of the emotions summed up beautifully in the final chorus: "You were an angel in the shape of my mum / You got to see the person I have become / Spread your wings / And I know when that when God took you back he said Hallelujah / You're home."

2. Starset - 'Back To The Earth'

'Back To The Earth' is the epitome of everything that's great about Starset and Vessels - a new focus on electronic elements will still maintaining big, arena rock guitars and dramatic cinematics.

3. Linkin Park & Kiiara - 'Heavy' *

Linkin Park are constantly evolving and changing. 'Heavy' is no different. The lead single from One More Light is a beautiful track, powerful in its simplicity, and with Linkin Park's first female guest Kiiara helping to make the song even more accessible, this track was only meant for success.

4. Ed Sheeran - 'Castle On The Hill' *

Divide was so masterfully written, two songs from it have landed a spot on our top songs of the year. Upon his huge comeback, Ed Sheeran shared this personal tale about his childhood and growing up in his hometown that not only is a touching recollection, but also a big, fun song that's great to sing along to.

5. Frances - 'Don't Worry About Me'

Sometimes the hardest things to say are the things that you think very single day. Such is the case for a lot of FrancesThings I've Never Said, and album full of confessions and relatable messages. The album's opener finds it at its rawest moments, with 'Don't Worry About Me' finding some of the most innocent ideas of basic friendship and the principles of a relationship and presenting them in the purest light. It's hard to explain, yet you'll know you have felt the same way before. Perhaps it goes beyond understanding and channels something more intrinsic and natural. Either way it goes, that's how the song finds it's beauty.

5. Halsey - 'Not Afraid Anymore' *

Halsey's first new material since her 2015 debut Badlands came in the form of a dirty, dark, and dramatic single from the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. 'Not Afraid Anymore' is powerful and shows that Halsey hasn't lost any power in the year since she made it big.

7. David Bowie - 'Killing A Little Time'

One of the final pieces David Bowie worked on before his passing, this Blackstar recording shows the best of dramatic, dark Bowie with his aged flair and vast experiences.

8. SOHN - 'Rennen'

The title track from his sophomore release, 'Rennen' sees SOHN step away briefly from the electronic soundscapes of Rennen and take a more somber, raw approach on the piano the trudges along sadly and powerfully.

9. Peter Silberman - 'Maya'

All of Peter Silberman's record Impermanence has a way of painting vivid pictures full of color and wonder while focussing on the black and white memories that come with them. 'Maya' is the crux of that idea, illustrating the beautiful setting of a paradise island while you set alone watching the sun set, remembering a love you hold dearly.

10. Nadia Reid - 'Te Aro'

The isolation of New Zealand really does wonders for its music. You get a very introspective look at the artist while listening to Nadia Reid's Preservation, but there's something about the barren, dark tone of 'Te Aro' that really makes this song stand out above the rest on the record. The slow swell of dramatic synths under the crystalline reverberation of Reid's voice and sparse instrumental makes it very spacious, and in all the space, your mind will create its own demons.

The following is a comprehensive list of our favorite songs from the records we listened to this year.

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Songs noted with an asterisk (*) are track reviews.

  1. Ed Sheeran - 'Supermarket Flowers'
  2. Starset - 'Back To The Earth'
  3. Linkin Park & Kiiara - 'Heavy' *
  4. Ed Sheeran - 'Castle On The Hill' *
  5. Frances - 'Don't Worry About Me'
  6. Halsey - 'Not Afraid Anymore' *
  7. David Bowie - 'Killing A Little Time'
  8. SOHN - 'Rennen'
  9. Peter Silberman - 'Maya'
  10. Nadia Reid - 'Te Aro'
  11. Bonobo - 'Second Sun'
  12. Sorority Noise - 'First Letter From St. Sean'
  13. Imagine Dragons - 'Believer' *
  14. The Chainsmokers - 'Paris' *
  15. You Me At Six - 'Take On The World'
  16. Shy Girls - 'You Like The Pain Too'
  17. Soen - 'Opal'
  18. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - 'Snake Eyes'
  19. Lorde - 'Green Light' *
  20. Weezer - 'Feels Like Summer' *
  21. Oddisee - 'Digging Deep'
  22. Dangerkids - 'Things Could Be Different'
  23. Grandaddy - 'A Lost Machine'
  24. Ryan Adams - 'Do You Still Love Me'
  25. Spoon - 'Hot Thoughts'
  26. Minus The Bear - 'Silver'
  27. Kehlani - 'CRZY'
  28. Lupe Fiasco - 'Pick Up The Phone'
  29. Cloud Nothings - 'Realize My Fate'
  30. Murs - 'Lemon Juice'
  31. Depeche Mode - 'Where's The Revolution'
  32. Dia Frampton - 'Out Of The Dark'
  33. Migos - 'Deadz'
  34. Circa Waves - 'A Night On The Broken Tiles' 
  35. Teen Daze - 'Dream City'
  36. Future - 'POA'
  37. Frank Ocean - 'Chanel' *
  38. The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - 'Something Just Like This' *
  39. Sampha - 'Plastic 100°C'
  40. Blackfield - 'The Jackal'
  41. Bebe Rexha - 'I Got You'
  42. Katy Perry - 'Chained To The Rhythm' *
  43. Duke Garwood - 'Coldblooded The Return'
  44. Lana del Rey - 'Love' *
  45. Syd - 'Shake Em Off'
  46. Amy Macdonald - 'Prepare To Fall'
  47. Stormzy - 'Cold'
  48. All Them Witches - '3-5-7'
  49. Zara Larsson - 'Only You'
  50. The xx - 'Test Me'
  51. Drake - 'Fake Love'
  52. Temples - 'Certainty'
  53. Gone Is Gone - 'Roads'
  54. Code Orange - 'Spy'
  55. Valerie June - 'Shakedown'
  56. Elbow - 'Magnificent (She Says)'
  57. AFI - 'White Offerings'
  58. Jacques Greene - 'I Won't Judge'
  59. Half Waif - 'Cerulean'
  60. Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, & Migos - 'Slide' *
  61. The Orwells - 'Double Feature'
  62. Hurray For The Riff Raff - 'Halfway There'
  63. Big Sean - 'Sacrifices'
  64. Silja Sol - 'Dyrene'
  65. Sepultura - 'Machine Messiah'
  66. Austra - 'I'm A Monster'
  67. Blanck Mass - 'John Doe's Carnival Of Terror'
  68. Oikos - 'Ravaged, Burned'
  69. Julie Byrne - 'Sleepwalker'
  70. Brian Eno - 'Reflection'
  71. Dropkick Murphys - 'The Lonesome Boatman'
  72. Future - 'Coming Out Strong'
  73. The Menzingers - 'Tellin' Lies'
  74. Tim Darcy - 'Saint Germain'
  75. Chromadrift - 'Is This The End...?'
  76. The Flaming Lips - 'One Night While Hunting For Faeries and Witches and Wizards To Kill'
  77. Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness - 'Don't Speak For Me (True)'
  78. Paul White & Danny Brown - 'Lion's Den'
  79. Lawrence English - 'Requiem For A Reaper'
  80. Charli XCX - 'Emotional'
  81. Bush - 'Mad Love'
  82. Foxygen - 'Rise Up'
  83. From First To Last - 'Make War' *
  84. Disperse - 'Tether'
  85. Gorillaz - 'Hallelujah Money' *
  86. Jacob Sartorius - 'By Your Side'
  87. Vermont - 'Norderney'
  88. Emptyset - 'Axis'