Oh Wonder Breaks Hearts On Sophomore "Ultralife"

Love and the loss of it can inspire a million songs, but it takes a lot to make a truly powerful love song. Oh Wonder breaks hearts on their sophomore album Ultralife, bringing beautiful melodies, relatable passages and some great lyricism to really capture what they're going for.

A powerful love record comes right from the heart, and with the beautifully poetic lyrics of opening track 'Solo,' you can tell every word has meaning on this album. The song, about seeking to be alone in a house party of self-absorbed people, chants "A room filled up with faces and the air so thick I taste it / Locking lips like they all wasted, tangled hips like it's a spaceship" setting the scene extravagantly before revealing their own intentions in the chorus, which sings: "I need to be solo / Freedom in the mono / Find a space and let go / I need to be solo." A more upbeat and fun vibe is explored in title track 'Ultralife,' its anthemic presence bringing a different life to the album.

The emotion of this record really comes out as it progresses further on. The epic bridge of 'All About You' adds some drama to the album, and the sweetness of 'Heart Strings' really comes out in every aspect of the song. The emotions in 'Slip Away' really hit you hard, and 'My Friends' come at you with similar weight. The entire last half of the record will really hit home if you're having troubles with love or have had troubles in the past, but at the same time they'll inspire hope in you, that whatever you believe in can come true as long as you hold on.

Oh Wonder breaks hearts on sophomore record Ultralife, but in the right ways. Something about the music makes you feel at home and comfortable in the face of your anxieties. It's hard to make an album about love, but Oh Wonder pulled it off with flying colors.

Favorite Track: Solo, All About You, Heart Strings

Least Favorite Track: Lifetimes

Rating: 78 / 100

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