Circa Waves Brings The Anthems In "Different Creatures"

Some of the best songs in alternative rock are the anthems. The songs with the big choruses and rolling verses that will always get you hyped up and ready to go. English rockers Circa Waves brings the anthems in Different Creatures, their sophomore album that's ready to pick a fight.

This album has a bunch of movements, and at least for the first quarter of it, you'll be jamming. Different Creatures opens with 'Wake Up,' a fast-paced track with big, distorted guitars and pounding drums that intensify the soaring choruses and thick verses, ultimately leading to an explosion of an ending. It's followed by 'Fire That Burns,' a much more alternative song with a signature chorus that scream alt. rock and determination. The same is true for 'Goodbye,' though it does have a bit of a moodier sound to it amidst its rolling vibe.

Things do slow down a bit after these first few songs, but in a tasteful way. The slower songs are ushered in by 'Out On My Own,' a slow-burning track that starts off softly before building up more and more to a blissful revelation in its ending, backed by triumphant guitars and beautiful orchestras. 'Crying Shame' is another brief explosion of anthemic, punk energy before the acoustic 'Love's Run Out' rolls through with a gentle and nostalgic tone. The ballad 'Stuck' follows it with a slow start that leads to an anthemic build.

There isn't much wrong with this album. From beginning to end it's a pretty strong record. There are tracks like the title track 'Different Creatures' that lack somewhat of a punch to it, or the ending song 'Old Friends' that is much too laidback to end the record given the rest of the record. It could either be a big ending or a gentle one, and it somehow found the unsatisfying compromise between the two. Had the album even ended on the rolling track 'A Night On The Broken Tiles,' things could've appropriately ended on a solid mix between the two extremes of the album.

Circa Waves really brought the anthems in Different Creatures, offering exploding tracks to make the entire album feel energetic throughout. There are moments that could've used a bit more, but for the most part everything is really strong. It's a powerful follow up to their debut and shows a lot of promise for the band's future.

Favorite Tracks: A Night On The Broken Tiles, Fire That Burns, Wake Up

Least Favorite Track: Old Friends

Rating: 81 / 100

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