Wolf Alice Keeps Their Rebellion Going On "Visions Of A Life"

When Wolf Alice first came onto the scene a few years ago, they really made some big ripples. Their rebellious sound came with an energizing call to arms, inspiring change within every listener. Wolf Alice keeps their rebellion going on Visions Of A Life, their sound continuing to forge ahead with flair.

There's a solid balance of sound on Visions Of A Life. 'Heavenward' opens the record up on a bright note, warm and welcoming into the chaos Wolf Alice breeds. Every part of the song feels welcoming, even down to the cymbals (which really tie the song together). It's immediately followed by 'Yuk Foo,' a much more aggressive and punk-influenced drive quickly giving the rebellious sound a new motion. The record constantly shifts between a more repressed anger, like the quieter and ponderous 'Sky Musings,' and a more aggressive sound, like in the western-tinged 'Formidable Cool' with its bursts of energy. 'Planet Hunter' finds a nice mix, quiet for its first half before exploding climactically at the end.

Visions Of A Life feels a bit lacking, though. It's sound just isn't very defined in a world where this sound basically defines indie rock. At the start of the record, the angrier influences really come out and add an element to the music. The rest of the album just feels a bit too familiar to really stand out. Songs like 'St. Purple & Green' at least really own the sound, even adding some interesting elements into the mix, but for the most part it feels a bit distanced from what Wolf Alice embodies. Quiet rebellion doesn't suit them too well.

Wolf Alice keeps their rebellion going on Visions Of A Life, though make it a bit quieter. In a way, the brooding presence of it makes it all the more omnipresent. Though at the same time, it can end up feeling a bit less energetic and derails a little bit. There isn't the urgency that is needed to keep change flowing, though. Every song does what it does well, but lacks something more

Favorite Tracks: Heavenward, St. Purple & Green, Planet Hunter

Least Favorite Track: Sadboy

Rating: 77 / 100

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