Lucy Rose Stays Honest On "Something's Changing"

A sense of being genuine is something that can be lost in music aiming for success. The magic of a tune can die if there's nothing real behind it. That's where Lucy Rose really brings a strong performance to the table. Lucy Rose stays honest on Something's Changing, and album with lots of soul and rawness.

What you first notice about Something's Changing is its soothing nature. Everything about it has a very peaceful atmosphere to it. From the introductory track 'Intro' to the some of the last moments on the record in 'Find Myself,' there's a warming familiarity to each track. It's like the music knows you and your story and wants to tell them as purely as possible. Lucy Rose certainly does it with her own life story.

The album is chill, but there are certain parts that really stand out above the rest. The sadder yet still relaxing delivery of 'Floral Dresses' with The Staves definitely gives the album a new level of emotion, while the great mood and delivery of 'Second Chance' really feels like the centerpoint of the record. Ending track 'I Can't Change It All' brings the record to a climactic close, the quiet and humble beginnings exploding by the end with dreamy orchestration and Rose's whispy vocals. It's a powerful and reassuring way to take out everything on the album, Rose's choruses realizing "I can't change it all / And I can't make it right / But I could give you warmth / In the coldest nights."

Lucy Rose stays honest on Something's Changing, making the album sound very powerful even if its delivery isn't upfront. In its rawness and honesty it finds a way to tell your story even when it's coming from her own perspective. Art is all about emotion, and you can feel every single story come to live as each song comes to fruition on this record.

Favorite Tracks: Second Chance, I Can't Change It All

Least Favorite Track: No Good At All

Rating: 74 / 100

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