Trivium Brings Relentless Riffs On "The Sin and The Sentence"

Trivium have been pumping out jams for ages now, and they haven't let up. Even after vocalist Matt Heafy had vocal damage, the band still came back with flying colors. All seem wells for them now, as Trivium brings relentless riffs on The Sin and The Sentence.

There's a lot going on in every song that helps make some great music. Trivium has a great focus on melody throughout their music, especially in recent years. Melodies play a crucial role on The Sin and The Sentence, tracks like 'Other Worlds' really going a step beyond what it's sonically built to do otherwise. The melodies pair beautifully with the big riffs, leading to a huge track. It continues in single 'The Heart and Your Hate,' where the huge riffs and lead guitars sound epic as a backdrop to the vocals. The song could do with a little more reverb, but who's complaining when the jams explode regardless?

While Trivium explodes throughout the whole album, there are some problems that do arise. There are some tracks with a decent length to them, and sometimes it can feel like it drags on. There are songs like 'The Revanchist' that roll with thrilling riffs and solos throughout its seven minute run, while opening track 'The Sin and The Sentence' takes awhile to get going after its dark intro, though it does become a very solid track. The same is true of 'Beauty In The Sorrow,' initially sounding a bit weak but really coming into its own before the end. Length often isn't the problem on the record, but more just the sound of some songs not really fitting in, like the Dragonforce-esque 'Betrayer.' Hidden in between the violence of 'Sever The Hand' and the strong 'Beyond Oblivion,' there's hardly anything to complain about, though.

Trivium brings relentless riffs on The Sin and The Sentence, intense guitars, violent choruses, and soaring melodies making the album an overall experience. Trivium's fire isn't burning out any time soon; in fact, it seems to be as powerful as ever right now.

Favorite Tracks: Beauty In The Sorrow, The Revanchist, Other Worlds, The Heart and Your Mind

Least Favorite Track: Betrayer

Rating: 81 / 100

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