Valerie June Brings Her Country Roots Out In "The Order Of Time"

Country music isn't my thing, but Valerie June makes it work. Her sophomore record The Order Of Time brings her country roots out while still maintaining her bluesy and grassroots atmosphere.

There's a lot of folk influence on this record, and there's where every song on this album can be attributed to. The album opens up with 'Long Lonely Road,' a very country oriented song with a folky atmosphere. Things progress to a rockier side with the more aggressive 'Shakedown,' with its rustic vibe and epic guitar solo in the bridge, 'If And' follows up with a similar sound, the fat bass helping the rock vibes build up.

There really isn't much on this album that is very climactic, however. After the first few tracks, the charm of the album persists but it never really amounts to much. It's the same country vibe above different instrumentals, so it all just gets lost in an amalgam of country sound. Granted, it's not the sour and uninspired sound of modern country music, so it can be given that pass. The blues-infused country needs some innovation throughout the record, though. By the end it really sounds worn out with 'Slip Slide On By,' which is definitely the most country-sounding song on the record, at least lyrics-wise.

Valerie June brings her country roots out in The Order Of Time and infuses it with a bluesy and jazzy side - a callback to her heritage. It's a great fusion that gives a genre I hate something worthwhile. The album relies too heavily on the same sound and principles, however, so the sound quickly loses its freshness. It's a very promising sound that I'd love to hear more developed, however, so perhaps the album really is a winner.

Favorite Track: Shakedown

Least Favorite Track: Slip Slide On By

Rating: 69 / 100

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