Astrid S's "Party's Over" EP Is A Playful Pop Record

There's nothing wrong with a little bit of fun pop every once in awhile. Sometimes entire albums of the very modern state of pop music can get a bit obnoxious, but in small doses it can be a great guilty pleasure. Astrid S's Party's Over EP is a playful pop record that'll satisfy all your modern pop needs.

Like I said before: outright pop can be a really fun thing in moderation. Party's Over provides just the right amount of it, kicking things off with the chill and anthemic pop track 'Breathe.' While it does follow a lot of the trends of pop music you would generally hear every day, something about it makes you feel easy rather than annoyed. 'Such A Boy' follows through with an equally easy listening experience, even if its message isn't too special. The vocal chops are used in a conservative way that doesn't shout in your face, making it a nice track. The beautiful atmosphere and generally dark nature of 'Bloodstream' makes it a highlight, as well. 

Party's Over isn't perfect, however. There are only so many trends you can follow without failing at some point. To her credit, Astrid S doesn't completely bomb at any point. There are just moments that could've been stronger - like closing track 'Does She Know.' It's a laidback track and has nothing intrinsically wrong with it, but as a closing track it should either take the EP out on an emotional high or some huge moment. It just sort of ends, similarly to how abruptly 'Party's Over' comes to a close. Instrumental track 'Sushi' just doesn't add anything to the EP at all.

Astrid S's Party's Over EP is a playful pop record that isn't overbearing with its trendiness; a common problem in today's pop world. It's not perfect but it'll definitely satisfy any guilty pleasures with pop music you may have, so dive in it ready to jam.

Favorite Tracks: Breathe, Bloodstream

Least Favorite Track: Sushi

Rating: 76 / 100

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