Mogwai Take You On An Adventure In "Every Country's Sun"

There are many bands out there that shoot out music like it's nobody's business, but Mogwai is one of the few bands that can grab people's attention time and time again. Their new album is garnering just as much attention as their previous ventures, and for good reason. Mogwai take you on an adventure in Every Country's Sun.

Mogwai had a busy year last year, releasing music as parts of soundtracks throughout 2016. Every Country's Sun is their return to their own material, focussed on their own sound, but the cinematic presence they learned to capture is still very much present. You're enveloped by the beautiful atmosphere of opening track 'Coolverine,' the great introduction capturing your attention early and effectively. A more indie-laced track 'Party In The Dark' follows up, treading away from the more instrumental-based tunes the band has been putting out for a long time. The album finds a great blend between an instrumental and lyrical focus.

The album builds chaos as it goes on, slowly getting heavier and more complex as it progresses. The first half of the album is pretty straightforward, the spacious 'Crossing The Road Material' and curious synths of 'Aka 47' creating a pretty peaceful atmosphere. It's later tracks that really rev up the engines. 'Don't Believe The Fife' is one of the first songs to really get things rolling, its awesome build leading into a big ending. 'Battered At A Scramble' continues with a much more technical approach, being heavier and more mathy. 'Old Poisons' rounds it off with something far more aggressive and driven than anything on the record before 'Every Country's Sun' brings the record to a close on a grand note.

Mogwai take you on an adventure in Every Country's Sun, bringing their soundtrack prowess into the mix with their songwriting. It's a very special album that takes a lot of turns and builds grandly, and it'll have you captured at every moment.

Favorite Tracks: Old Poisons, Coolverine, Don't Believe The Fife, Battered At A Scramble

Least Favorite Track: 20 Size

Rating: 80 / 100

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