Sigrid - Sucker Punch (Album Review)

For an artist, their music is their therapy. The harshest realities or the sweetest memories become their songs, and their emotions are the words that feed them. For Norwegian synthpop singer Sigrid, that is everything. Sigrid’s debut album Sucker Punch is a testament to her courage, painting dynamic and powerful images of the most important parts of her life.

Sigrid’s personality is the lifeline of this record, and the importance of that is evident right from the start with opening track ‘Sucker Punch.’ The album’s title track is punchy and engaging, bringing lots of energy and a sense of determination along with it as Sigrid revels in the joy of being in love. Similarly uplifting moments are present throughout the record, to make sure that Sigrid’s message of living life is not lost on a single person. ‘Sight Of You‘ is another sweet song with an uplifting instrumental, while ‘Basic‘ does all the same with a poppier punch to it. The punchy element to many of the songs, like ‘Strangers,’ helps keep their drive up and the album pushing ahead.

There’s more than just optimism and hope in Sucker Punch. The very musicality of the record goes hand in hand with the themes of love, relationships, and acceptance on the record. The melodies shine and soar throughout the record, especially captivating in songs like ‘Don’t Feel Like Crying‘ and the stripped down ‘In Vain,’ where Sigrid truly let’s go of all the weight she’s held on to and roars to life. Closing track ‘Dynamite‘ ends the record similarly softly, though the beautiful yet fragile song does end the record on a bit of a somber note. It’s only fitting, though, that with tracks like ‘Mine Right Now‘ being all about living in the moment making up the rest of the album, that the record should end more reflectively.

Sigrid comes to terms with the present in her debut album Sucker Punch, reveling in the beauty and pain of life with a curious but understanding nature. Sigrid does on her debut what many can’t do in a career: express herself and her personality wholly and with perfect pop appeal. This album is as intimate as it gets, but all the same feels larger than life.

Favorite Tracks: In Vain, Sucker Punch, Dynamite, Never Mine

Least Favorite Track: Level Up

Rating: 91 / 100

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