The Luxembourg Signal Stay Anthemic In "Blue Field"

Hearing promising alternative rock amongst the underground scene is always exciting. It doesn't always live up to the hype, but at the very least there's an enjoyable listen to be had. The Luxembourg Signal stay anthemic in Blue Field, delivering a great alternative rock sound that's not trying to be too much.

It's hard standing out in what may be one of the world's most popular genres, but The Luxembourg Signal do well to define their sound. Opening track 'There's Nothing More Beautiful Than A Well-Made Machine' brings the record to a confident start, its punchiness really grabbing your attention. The band makes sure they keep your attention, with the upbeat and powerful guitars of 'Atomic No. 10' following up to keep the energy alive. This powerful drive carries on throughout the record, especially in 'Are You Numb' with its big synths and tight percussion.

Blue Field isn't just an upbeat tirade of guitar and drums, though. The album features both male and female vocals, adding diversity to each track and allowing for a wide arrange of textures and a tight chemistry many albums struggle to create. Songs like 'Antarctica' delve away from the more intense and driven moments and focus in mostly on the atmosphere. Others prioritize melody, such as 'Laura Palmer,' which has dark melodies that bring the song to spiraling end. The Luxembourg Signal is not a band without tricks up their sleeves.

It's hard to keep a voice in alternative rock, but The Luxembourg Signal stay anthemic in Blue Field and prove that they're not just another band to be forgotten about. The have purpose and they have a lot to offer.

Favorite Track: Laura Palmer

Least Favorite Track: Shipwreck

Rating: 72 / 100

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