Arcade Fire Stay Subtle On New Album 'Everything Now'

Arcade Fire always had a sense of subtlety in their music that made their sound pretty infectious as it would build up. Their new album seems to forget about the whole buildup side of things, though. Arcade Fire stay subtle on their new album Everything Now but don't really bring anything too interesting to the plate.

Everything Now is a bit of a mess. With three tracks called 'Everything Now' (and two tracks called 'Everything Now (Continued)') and two called 'Infinite Content,' you can't help but feel they were struggling at some point. Most tracks just feel like filler on the record, all the similarly titled songs sounding more or less like a waste. Closing track 'Everything Now (Continued)' ends the album on a very awkward note, similarly to how opening 'Everything_Now (Continued)' opens the record on an awkward note. For some reason the actual track 'Everything Now' comes after the continued version (it's a real mess) and just sounds like an empty pop track.

There's no meat in Everything Now that makes it hard to really latch onto. 'Signs Of Life' is a fun song though it doesn't really have that extra punch to it to add some life to the record, and 'Peter Pan' follows up just... awkwardly. It sounds like it wasn't finished. 'Chemistry' will have you asking 'what am I listening to?' It has a childlike punchiness but as a song from an already weak record, it feels like its only taking away from what little the album already has.

Arcade Fire stay subtle on new album Everything Now but there really isn't much going on in it. Their iconic buildups are nowhere to be found and it just leaves an empty and meatless album in its wake. There's nothing really strong going on in this album, just some weak sounds that just don't sound finished.

Favorite Track: Signs Of Life

Least Favorite Tracks: Chemistry, Infinite Content

Rating: 66 / 100

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