Get Lost In The Smooth Textures Of Teen Daze's 'Themes For Dying Earth'

Fans of indie and electronic music can't let Teen Daze fall under the radar. The project has just released its ninth album Themes For Dying Earth after an uncharacteristically long two year gap since its last record, Teen Daze is back with smooth textures that'll have you getting lost in the floating atmospheres.

Much like the album cover may emulate, this album feels like you're caught in a light breeze under a cherry blossom tree, the petals cascading around you gently. This album is forty-seven minutes of calming and relaxing synths, guitars, and vocals washing over you in a bath of warm light. Starting off with the slightly more jagged vibes of 'Cycle,' the pretty synths and vocals are present right from the start. The smooth croons of Teen Daze builds with many harmonies to create an ethereal sound, the slowly building track spiraling up with synth arpeggios and and increasingly invigorated beat.

That's about as much energy as you can find on this record. The next track 'Dream City' immediately takes it down, ethereal and beautiful synths in the style of Sigur Rós moving in spacious waves. This song captures beauty in simplicity perfectly, its ambience creating a truly calming atmosphere. 'Breath' does a similar thing at the end of the record to a lesser degree. It has similarly bubbly textures as 'Anew' that precedes it.

This album does, however, have problems that lie in its sparseness. Lots of songs are this soothing experience that don't develop much. Not all tracks work as beautifully as 'Dream City.' One of the more exciting moments on the record is the intro of 'Rising' with its pretty looping guitar intro. The harmonies of this song are beautiful and truly do it justice. It's not that the other tracks don't have a grasp on their elements, but they don't develop some of them enough for their true colors to shine.

It's easy to get lost in the smooth textures of Teen Daze's Themes For Dying Earth, but there are times where the music doesn't sound complete. All the same, this record us entirely one of the most peaceful things you could listen to and will not fail to at least mildly relax you. It's not always developed, but it definitely serves its purpose.

Favorite Tracks: Dream City, Rising

Least Favorite Track: Breath

Rating: 73 / 100

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