BROCKHAMPTON Complete Album Trilogy With Sweet "Saturation III"

If there's any group in hip-hop that deserves your attention now, it's Brockhampton. The production-mastermind collective spent the year creating a trilogy of records called Saturation, dropping the second part of the collection, Saturation II, in August. Typically, any amount of music in a short period of time doesn't come out great, but there are exceptions. Brockhampton complete their album trilogy with the sweet Saturation III, a fun and creative output that shows the group at their best.

The art of instrumentation is becoming lost in a lot of music, but Brockhampton fully embraces it. Their instrumentals are full of life, their music not relying on lyrical tropes (even though they don't stray away from them) and deep bassy beats to make some magic. Opening track 'Boogie' is wonderfully chaotic, it's instrumentation really adding a lot of hype to the beginning of the record. It's pure fun, something that is toyed with again on 'Zipper' with its awesome production and nonstop bars. 'Johnny' follows through with a more personal tone, but the awesome production takes the spotlight instead. 'Alaska' keeps on with the slightly darker narratives, though with a bit more melody than other tracks. 

Given there are so many minds that make up Brockhampton as a whole, you can tell there are a lot of influences on it. Brockhampton isn't one mind - it's several minds working to achieve one creative goal. That's why you hear aggressiveness in the grittier 'Sister/Nation' transition so wonderfully into the chill 'Rental.' The dreamy nature of the record is something Brockhampton nails, in songs like 'Bleach' and the three 'Cinema' interludes. Not only are they the masters of atmosphere, but they are of catchy hooks, too: 'Stupid' is edgier but has a brilliant hook, and the combine it all in tracks including 'Hottie' and 'Stains.' Closing track 'Team' is the perfect conclusion to the wonderful trilogy, the pretty, vocals soaring above the clean, delayed guitar. It's an epic and dreamy ending, it's second verse being utterly massive in its atmosphere, changing mood to something a bit jazzier, as if to call back to the very roots of who they are to bring it all full circle.

Brockhampton complete their album trilogy with the sweet Saturation III, an incredible record which shows off the best of their production, songwriting, and personalities. It's unheard of for any group to release three incredible records in under a year, not including the individual members' own projects, but the collective that is Brockhampton proves the beauty of having multiple minds at work. This is some of modern hip-hop's finest work.

Favorite Tracks: Team, Boogie, Sister/Nation, Zipper

Least Favorite Track: Cinema 1

Rating: 89 / 100

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