Shredders Stay Excited In "Dangerous Jumps"

Hype is a lot of what makes hip-hop what it is. Hip-hop without energy has to be done very precisely for the art to really shine, and lately that seems to be the trend, though lazily executed. Shredders stay excited in Dangerous Jumps, allowing for some fun times to be had.

Shredders aren't a band who'll be pushing any boundaries, but they will do what they attempt to well. Opening Dangerous Jumps is 'Tuf Tiddy,' a jarring title to introduce the record one, but it's actually a fairly interesting track that'll pique your interest, and the beat is equally as engaging. 'Flipping Cars' follows up with a safer approach, but the instrumental still manages to stay fresh. It is very apparent throughout the record that Shredders knows the balance between trendy and effectiveness, finding just the right in between at nearly every point to make sure no songs are skewed in their output.

Dangerous Jumps isn't really an album you'll find yourself coming back to too often, however. It may not be bad by any standard as you could say of plenty of other modern hip-hop records, yet it's not particularly great, either. Shredders certainly has their moments, like on 'Xanthrax' with its cool flow and razor-sharp delivery. But for the most part, many tracks don't really take it the extra mile. It almost sounds same-y towards the end. Tracks like 'Nia Long' have everything going for them like flow and beat, yet lines about GMOs are thrown in there and really sound out of place.

Shredders stay excited in Dangerous Jumps to add some dynamic to the state of hip-hop. It's not an incredible record, yet it gets the job done, which, nowadays, is more than you can really ask for of most other artists.

Favorite Track: Xanthrax

Least Favorite Track: Fly As I Dare

Rating: 73 / 100

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