Amber Coffman Offers Sweet Sounds In "City Of No Reply"

There are few things more infectious than a sweet, indie-influenced song. That's exactly what Amber Coffman offers up in her new record. Full of endearing sounds and creative little twists, Amber Coffman offers sweet sounds in City Of No Reply

The sweetness of this record is almost palpable. It begins with 'All To Myself,' its gooey synth and autotuned harmonies working together in beautiful conjunction. Coffman's voice is very innocent and gentle, her pondering over every activity she thinks about going through ringing with a sort of childlike wonder. 'No Coffee' follows up with a dinkier presence, it's curious little guitar interjections and sweet vibes carrying it forward nicely. Bass takes a key roll in 'If You Want My Heart,' its super cute synths slowly building up to make the track ooze with sweetness.

There's always something interesting going on in each track that makes it interesting. The percussion of 'Dark Night' makes it sound really creative and fun, the huge bass synth pounding to add some drive. There's lots of layers of percussions that are used throughout the song, keeping it lively. The paradisical vibe of 'City Of No Reply' is also a nice sound, while the trumpets in 'Miss You' offer a nice little touch to the record, too.

Amber Coffman offers sweet sounds in City Of No Reply, complete with infectious melodies and great little bits that'll keep your attention. It's not a record with much climax but it's a chill record that you can enjoy. It's packed with sweetness, too, so you won't find yourself feeling upset at any point, either.

Favorite Tracks: Dark Night, All To Myself

Least Favorite Track: Kindness

Rating: 72 / 100

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