Citizen Take A More Alternative Path In "As You Please"

Punk rock can bring out some of the rawest emotions music knows, and Citizen has always been very emotionally invested in their own music. Their new album is no different, but it's a different turn for them. Citizen take a more alternative path in As You Please, their third album with a more reserved tone.

Opening track 'Jet' brings the album to a bustling start, the confident riff and pounding drums leading into a driven verse and a demanding chorus. The pounding drums lead the album throughout a lot of its run, but its the vocals that really stand out. As You Please has a huge focus on melodies and the dichotomy between intense vocals and clean ones. The best tracks on the album are centered around the vocals, such as 'Medicine' with its quiet, whole verses and explosions in the choruses, its bridge getting heavier while the whole thing comes together. 

As You Please is a very dark record, which is nothing surprising from Citizen. The way it's presented, however, lets that peak through a little more. Title track 'As You Please' is a very quiet song, the percussion keeping it tight, but it eventually becomes very dark by the end. 'Discrete Routine' has a very powerful build, ending sadly as it slowly comes to an end. Many of the songs have structures that mirror their content, and it helps amplify the album's power.

Citizen take a more alternative path in As You Please, focussing on melodies to amplify their darker sounds in a new light. It's not as aggressive or perhaps angry, but it has a new depth that keeps the band's tone alive and well.

Favorite Tracks: Discrete Routine, Medicine, World

Least Favorite Track: In The Middle Of It All

Rating: 75 / 100

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