Pallbearer Brings Tension In "Heartless"

There's nothing like a good atmospheric doom metal album, but sometimes they just don't come off the right way. One such example is Pallbearer, the doom metal outfit who have just released their new album Heartless, which brings tension and plenty of atmosphere.

This album has a very progressive tone to it, sounding almost like an Opeth record. It kicks off with 'I Saw The End,' a dramatic track that quickly bursts into a dark and brooding track full with pounding drums and chunky guitars. The song has a very Opeth-esque vibe going onto it, and that does seem to carry on throughout the entire record. Almost every track feels like this.

There is a problem that comes with that. Every song on this album does feel a bit indistinguishable from each other. There are definitely unique moments in every track, but they all have the same general tone and atmosphere to them. For example, the dark movements from 'Dancing In Madness' are very unique to that track, but everything else about it kind of blends into the rest of the record. It feels like one hour long track like Brian Eno's Reflections, except in place of a calming nothingness, you're faced with riffs that attempt to create something out of what you've already heard.

There's nothing particularly special about Heartless, but it does make for a good listen. It's oddly more of a background album, but it does have its moments where it does shine.

Favorite Track: Dancing In Madness

Least Favorite Track: Thorns

Rating: 67 / 100

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