Twice's Debut "twicetagram" Has Just The Right Amount Of Pop Flair

Many are a bit reluctant to venture into the pop genres of eastern Asia, but more often than not, the genres will reward you for giving them a chance. Twice's debut twicetagram has just the right amount of pop flair in it to help bridge than gap between K-Pop and the standard pop music most may be familiar with.

The record begins with the big single 'Likey,' which really sounds like it should be annoying. The group adds just the right amount of sweetness into it to make it just catchy enough. Being my own personal first foray into K-Pop, it's interesting to see how much Carly Rae Jepsen borrows from the genre - and if you love her, you're bound to at least enjoy this. 'Turtle' follows up on a more subtle note, the track being sweet and peachy for a nice little lead in to the next songs.

There are a lot of different styles on twicetagram that really makes it sound fresh throughout it's run. 'Missing U' channels pop rock to add that little bit of crunch, with '24/7' adding a bit more of that to up the fun and energy. There are loads of songs that are just good-vibing pop tracks, like 'FFW' which is simply just fun and 'Rollin'' that's a pretty cheeky little track. Things get a bit safer towards the end, but still sounds sweet. 'You In My Heart' feels like a classic "teenage love-letter to a crush" track, while closing track 'Jaljayo Good Night' sounds sort of like the Wii home music with lyrics.

Twice's debut twicetagram has just the right amount of pop flair to help you bridge the gap into K-Pop if you're unfamiliar with it. It has loads of variance in it, as well as a bunch of pop bangers that are bound to get you vibing along to the music even if the words are foreign to you. Music really does cross all barriers.

Favorite Track: Likey

Least Favorite Track: Jaljayo Good Night

Rating: 73 / 100

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