Day Wave Stays Positive In The Wake Of Disaster In Debut "The Days We Had"

The idea of masking sadness behind happy melodies and a warm tone was first practiced by The Cure. Since then, many have followed the trend (including Paramore, whose new album After Laughter is all about that). Day Wave is the next band to tackle it. Their grasp of the sound really makes their debut record a strong one. Day Wave stays positive in the wake of destruction in their debut The Night We Had

The album is brought in on a high note with 'Something Here.' The opening track offers up a great taste of the record, though admittedly the positivity is almost overbearing in terms of what the album talks about. It offers a bright note to the beginning with warm guitars and a driven beat. The vocals are sweet with great melodies and harmonies supporting the track. The song has an overall great vibe to it, almost summery. Similar to this track is 'Untitled' with the bright guitar notes.

The album's real meat is the songs with the powerful lyrics, like 'Bring You Down.' The track starts with a lo-fi siren guitar sound before acoustic guitar quickly joins in. It's a more depressive track, its lyrics definitively more somber than previous traps. The melodies are sweet, and the edgy guitar chords and dejected lyrics really make the contrast apparent. 'Wasting Time' follows through with a similar sense, except its instrumental takes a safe alternative approach. The song proceeds, sadly recalling "I've wasted all that time / I"m pushing all the way"above the warm guitars.

Day Wave doesn't really hit a weak point on this record. Every track is pretty solid. No masterpieces and not may songs stand out as super special, but all tracks carry an emotion with them and also play towards that great sound that they have. It's almost like alternative music of the mid-2000s came back and met indie atmosphere of the modern age an they had a baby. It's a really great sound.

Day Wave stays positive in the wake of disaster in their debut album The Days We Had. It is an all-around great record, and while it lacks a lot of songs that climax greatly to bolster them just a little bit more, The Days We Had is a strong and cohesive album nonetheless. The emotions you feel will be very primitive.

Favorite Tracks: Bring You Down, Something Here, On Your Side

Least Favorite Track: Ordinary

Rating: 76 / 100

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