The Flashbulb Offers Beautiful Scenery In "Piety Of Ashes"

Electronic music has an infinite range of possibilities in sound. Some artists go for a more energetic stance, while others can take things slower. The Flashbulb has been redefining the sound of electronic music and showing us what's possible with it. The Flashbulb offers beautiful scenery in Piety Of Ashes, a very aesthetic album with a lot of risks.

Most albums that go for a more ambient role tend to base themselves around slow moving sounds that swell in and out, a phantom sound thrown around here and there. The Flashbulb treads away from that. There are some slower tracks, opening track 'Turning Alone' being an example. There's so much more going on than one progression of synths, however. 'Turning Alone' is full of textures, a metallic synth that's almost crunchy sweetly contrasting with smoother synths. The strings add a whole new level to a lot of songs throughout the album, including 'Precipice.'

That's only a small part of element of what makes the album so great. You have the curious 'Saints' that has a pounding bass to guide it along. Other tracks are also pretty peaceful, like 'Turning Inconsolate' and 'Wind,' which has pianos that ring longingly like Radiohead's 'Daydreaming.' The album even finds moments to bring some more energy into the mix, 'Gray Pill' bringing in elements of house and featuring different parts and even some vocoded vocals. The album mixes everything together to make something special and even takes you to some beautiful places.

The Flashbulb offers beautiful scenery in Piety Of Ashes, combining all elements of electronica and combining them in a tasteful way without forgetting the album's purpose. You'll be enchanted by every song and get lost in every thought the album portrays. It's a new level of ambience with a load of creativity.

Favorite Tracks: Gray Pill, Starlight, Saints

Least Favorite Track: Isochronol

Rating: 78 / 100

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