Daughter's Atmosphere Goes To The Next Level In "Music From Before The Storm"

Making soundtracks seems to be the big thing in music lately for a lot of bands, and Daughter are jumping on the trend. The indie outfit have shared a soundtrack for a new game entitled Before The Storm, giving the band the chance to try something new. Daughter's atmosphere goes to the next level in Music From Before The Storm.

The band's last album, Not To Disappear, was released at the dawn of 2016, and set a pretty high precedent for indie music that followed. Something mysterious, faraway, and aesthetic was captured powerfully in each sound, and that immersion is taken to the next level on Music From Before The Storm. The peaceful 'Glass' opens the record, slowly building up drive to make the sound more riveting. It feels like an emotional progression, as if an event actually had occurred to make the song race further ahead. There are lots of tracks that are purely instrumental and really play to an emotion, some even making things sound fresh like the awesome drama of 'Witches.'

Full songs with lyrics aren't avoided even if they aren't the focus, giving Daughter a chance to put some more depth into the music with lyrics. 'Burn It Down' adds Daughter's signature haunting vocals to the mix to put their unique sound into fruition on the soundtrack. It's those faraway, searching vocals that really make this album feel like something more than just the music for a game. That precedent is even further sold in 'All I Wanted,' an incredible track with powerful lyrics and great, dark melodies that really bring you in.

Daughter's atmosphere goes to the next level in Music From Before The Storm, giving the band a chance to experiment with emotion on a more sonic level. It's full of swelling and curious sounds that'll grab you even if you're not playing the game the music was written for. It's a solid soundtrack and even if it's not your taste, you'll find something you enjoy on it.

Favorite Track: All I Wanted

Least Favorite Track: The Right Way Around

Rating: 75 / 100

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