Hundredth Builds Atmosphere Above Riffs In "Rare"

Atmosphere and rock often go together beautifully. That's what Hundredth really proves on their latest record. By blending reverberating vocals and a blistering attack, Hundredth builds atmosphere above riffs in Rare.

The vocals are the key component of what makes Hundredth's sound so notable. Right from the ethereal intro to 'Vertigo' you understand the spacious presence the album has. The dreamy guitar sound and the cavernous drums make way for almost robotic vocals, bringing the album to a start that really establishes its mood: finding yourself in noise once all else has been drowned out. From the spacey intro to the epic instrumental, 'Vertigo' really defines what Rare is all about. Following track 'Neurotic' carries on with the trend, pounding drums met with an epic sound.

The atmosphere really drives the record. Tracks like 'Suffer' truly live off of the atmosphere they have, the guitars echoing out into the distance as the vocals melodically croon above the exploding track. The vocals add so much to the atmosphere; in fact, they are pretty much the critical factor of them all. Something about the emotionless yet melodic, almost metallic delivery of them adds so much character to the songs, ironically giving them life when there is none to be found within the vocals.

At a point, though, it all becomes a bit tiring to listen to. By the core of the album, you're left with wanting... more. In songs like 'Grey,' you can't help but feel like you've heard the same thing before on this record already. The fact is, you have. Several times. You're left just waiting for something to come, and it never does. 'Shy Vein' is a prime example. It's almost like the only thing this track does have is that distant vocal idea that never amounts to much by the time the album concludes. No song is inherently bad, but had more been invested into them, the album may have profited.

Hundredth builds atmosphere above riffs in Rare to stunning results... for the beginning of the record. As the album progresses, you begin to feel like there really isn't much worth nothing. It's missing qualities that really give it defining moments beyond what it's basic elements are.

Favorite Tracks: Vertigo, Neurotic

Least Favorite Track: Shy Vein

Rating: 72 / 100

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