Jlin's "Black Origami" Is A Disorienting Experience

Electronica taken in a weird direction can really take you to weird places. that's exemplified in Jlin's new album Black Origami, which is a disorienting experience, to say the least.

Black Origami is defined by raucous percussion and jagged samples. It begins very busily, 'Black Origami' bringing a very active sound to the start of the record, filled with ragged percussion samples to give it its sound. 'Kyanite' is similar in structure, this time emphasizing the intricacy of the percussion sounds, being highlighted alongside to spiraling synths and chaotic sounds accompanying them. 

There are lines that can be drawn on the record, and things fall in between two sides. On one side is the interesting content, piquing your ears. It's really around the center of the record that the chaos comes across in a great way. In songs like 'Calcination,' a mix of disorienting sounds and wild percussion lead to a really unique experience that no other artists have ever really made before. There's something really raw about it in its chaotic sound.

By the end of the record, though, it almost feels obnoxious. Samples start getting less serious and things just feel messy when '1%' comes around, and all the tracks following it just feel cluttered. 'Never Created, Never Destroyed' almost has a hip-hop vibe to start with, but it ends up just being full of obnoxious sounds. Closing track 'Challenge (To Be Continued)' is the same, its retro video game style not translating well as an album closer here.

Jlin's Black Origami is a disorienting experience, and for the most part it keep things interesting. It's not until the end when things sort of fall apart. It's a unique album all the same, and definitely brought some provocative ideas to the table. It's nothing too great, but definitely an interesting record, to say the least.

Favorite Track: Kyanite

Least Favorite Track: 1%

Rating: 66 / 100

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