Mermaidens Bring Indie Rock To A New Level In "Perfect Body"

New Zealand's isolation from the world has given its art a lot of character. There have been many successes from the country, including Lorde who continues to make something truly unique with everything she delivers. That's not to say there's more going on there, though. Mermaidens bring indie rock to a new level in Perfect Body.

From the very beginning of the record you can tell that Perfect Body won't just be another by-the-books indie rock record. The faraway, underwater intro of 'Perfect Body' brings the record to a curious start, the dark textures really adding a nice moody tone to the beginning. Immediately following the dark and faraway intro is an immediately more aggressive number with 'Sunstone.' Imagine if Russian Circles was a tad more indie with vocals and you'd have this song. The drums sound angry and almost shoegazey, while the haunting melodies make the track sound just the right amount of uneasy.

Mermaidens don't conform to any standard in Perfect Body and it really sounds like a new page has been turned for the genre. It's indie at its core but it isn't afraid to step away from an aggressive sound or take risks, like the dark acoustic number 'Smothering Possession.' It's edgy with poetic lyrics and varying tones. It never really goes wrong anywhere, either. It all fits nicely under the umbrella of what they want to create and it works out fantastically. Granted, not all songs are a grand slam but they all make something cohesively good and interesting.

Mermaidens brings indie rock to a new level in Perfect Body, offering a fresh sound you don't hear often from the genre. They don't step away from aggression or try to stick to one sound. From song to song its a new experience that all comes cohesively together and makes for one hell of a listen.

Favorite Tracks: Sunstone, Smothering Possession, Perfect Body

Least Favorite Track: Satsuma

Rating: 80 / 100

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