2 Chainz Swings and Misses Royally On "Pretty Girls Love Trap Music"

We're always cautioned to not judge a book by its cover, but sometimes these preconceptions aren't all false. When you take a look at 2 Chainz's latest record, for example, you can already probably expect the worst to come. 2 Chainz swings and misses royally on Pretty Girls Love Trap Music, his shabby attempt at following a trend.

Pretty Girls Love Trap Music has a deceptively good start. 'Saturday Night' introduced the record with a moody atmosphere to it, professionally blending a trap style of rap over the bluesy background. It's a dramatic and tasteful start to the record, and honestly sets the bar pretty high for the rest of the album. It's not a perfect song and does have places where it could improve, but it's something that you don't hear often in the trap circuit.

My god does it really miss the bar after this. 'Riverdale Rd' immediately follows the intro track, going full into the popular trap sound, his lyrics and flow so utterly weak it's almost sad. The lyrical content is just astonishing, and there's no single spot that can accurately describe the emotion the song makes you feel. Gucci Mane and Quavo are recruited for 'Good Drank' and deliver a relatively flat track. Quavo still references Harambe as if that meme is still relevant, which is again, pretty sad. Nicki Minaj doesn't do the album any justice either when she features on 'Realize,' which is a shame considering how good the instrumental is.

Pretty Girls Love Trap Music is so desperate for attention that 2 Chainz went out of his way to bring together the most credible trap artists in order to sell a record. From Gucci Mane to the entire trio of Migos (who still can't get over their apparent obsession with all coming together to feature on songs about food after Katy Perry and as they do here on 'Blue Cheese'), 2 Chainz draws from the trap world to hopefully generate some interest to the record. Though marketing wise it may have worked, in execution it's a huge fail. He even recruits Travis Scott for the record, and without much to go off of, even Travis can't save this one. The song with Drake as well - 'Big Amount' -- just sounds plain boring for most of it, and Drake's monotone voice doesn't help that either.

2 Chains swings and misses royally on Pretty Girls Love Trap Music, very evidently trying to put himself back in the spotlight to follow a current trend. Everything from recruiting rap's most pivotal figures at the moment to generic trap beats, 2 Chainz has truly gone off the deep end here.

Favorite Track: Saturday Night

Least Favorite Tracks: OG Kush Diet, Sleep When U Die, Riverdale Rd

Rating: 48 / 100

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