Splashh Doesn't Feel Directed On "Waiting A Lifetime"

Indie rock has its ins and outs, and for all of its great moments, there are some iffy ones that spill through. One such example happens to be Splashh's new album, that seems to have some strange ideas going on in it. Splassh doesn't feel directed on Waiting A Lifetime and it feels pretty loose.

The album begins on a pretty jarring note. 'Rings' kicks off chugging with riffs and drums, but the delivery of the vocals paired with the very metallic lead guitar following its melody really throws the song off. 'See Through' is similar in that its the ugly tone of the lead guitar that brings it down, but at least it sounds more in tact.

Further along in the record comes the six minute slow winder 'Look Down To Turn Away' that really feels like a waste of time. It's mostly just random sounds of guitar and drums that eventually distort into noise with vocals laid over it at the end, bringing it to an inconsequential end. The record ends on a similarly unsatisfying note with 'No. 1 Song In Hell' with its boring tone and random speed up at the end.

There aren't many, but Waiting A Lifetime does have a few redeemable moments. There are some nice male and female harmonies in 'Come Back' that give it a fresh sound in the record. There's great, grandiose atmosphere in 'Honey and Salt' that almost bring it to a space rock level for that brief moment of awesomeness. That, however, is just about it for the record, and sadly none of these elements in the songs really makes them a great track.

Splashh fell short on this one. There's good ideas mixed in there, but none of them really shine as well as they could. They don't have direction on Waiting A Lifetime, making the album feel cluttered and lost. Let's hope they tighten things up in the future.

Favorite Track: Honey and Salt

Least Favorite Tracks: Look Down To Turn Away, Rings, No. 1 Song In Hell

Rating: 60 / 100

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