Young Thug & Future Go Chill On "Super Slimey"

When you think of Young Thug and Future, you first thought probably isn't "chill." The two are changing their paradigm, however. Young Thug & Future go chill on Super Slimey, their collaborative album that sees them take a change of pace.

Future and I have had a tumultuous past, but his last efforts exceeded expectation. Earlier this year, he hit it out of the park with his self-titled record FUTURE (though HNDRXX knocked him back down a peg), proving that he's trying to change things up. It seems that's spread to Young Thug as well, who evidently tries to take a more thoughtful route on Super Slimey. Opening track 'No Cap' really says it all - the mood is incredibly laid back and doesn't try to be unnecessarily exciting; the guitar moves smoothly, and the overall atmosphere follows form. The same theme appears throughout the album, including on one of Young Thug's solo tracks, 'Killed Before.'

While Super Slimey does have some welcome sounds, it does come off as just what you'd expect from the duo. There are plenty of expected tracks like 'All Da Smoke' that just tries too hard to be a trap anthem, ultimately falling short. It's also clear in songs like 'Drip On Me' that they think they're changing up their flow while it really just sounds the same. Super Slimey does a generally good job of at least saying fresh, which is a big problem for most trap records nowadays. Not many songs really stand out amongst the rest, partially due to the fact that most of the music bounces between being great and bad - including Thugga's flow on 'Real Love' (and Future's backing vocals).

Young Thug & Future go chill on Super Slimey, making a better trap rap record than the norm, even though that's not saying much. They introduce some welcome new sounds that make the experience sound pretty fresh, and the change is welcome.

Favorite Track: No Cap

Least Favorite Track: All Da Smoke

Rating: 70 / 100

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