Bugzy Malone's "King Of The North" Shows He's A Promising Grime Prospect

There are two prevalent factions in hip-hop today: trap rap and grime. The stigma attached to trap is, in my opinion, well warranted as its becoming an increasingly tired and bland genre. Grime, however is continuing to evolve and push the limits, keeping things interesting. Bugzy Malone's King Of The North shows he's a promising grime prospect and proves the genre holds the future of hip-hop.

A big proponent of grime is its aggression, which is a quality of hip-hop that seems to be dying out even if it's one of the strongest part of it. Right off the bat, 'King Of The North' opens the record with a glorious instrumental and an aggressive drive from Bugzy Malone, 'Aggy Wid It' continuing with more aggression. Lyrically, grime always finds fun ways to keep things interesting; namely, the 'row row row your boat' bit in 'Aggy Wid It' offering up some fun and playful creativity to it. Bugzy Malone really establishes his authority on 'Bruce Wayne' with its quickfire delivery. 

Grime tells a story that's not all just about partying and girls. 'Make Or Break' is a very powerful track that tells the success story of Bugzy Malone with a powerful hook tying everything together. 'Sniper' continues the theme of a success story but on more aggressive terms, Bugzy Malone rapping about how his success puts him ahead of the game and the power he has in the industry. Grime is all about establishing a presence, much like the nature of 90's and early 2000's hip-hop.

Bugzy Malone's King Of The North shows he's a promising grim prospect and delivers fiery blows to his enemies to prove his power in the genre. Grime is the future of hip-hop because it parallels its past. Artists showing their dominance in the world of grime, throwing shade and fire as if it came straight from the 90s. Top it with the powerful aggression and drive of the instrumentals, grime is proving that it is here to stay for a long time.

Favorite Tracks: Bruce Wayne, Make Or Break, Sniper

Least Favorite Track: Through The Night

Rating: 77 / 100

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