Young Thug Doesn't Offer Up Much In "Beautiful Thugger Girls"

Young Thug isn't synonymous with the word quality, but it's fair to say that he does deliver some good stuff. His last effort Jeffery, released last year, was one of the most popular hip-hops releases of the year, and its sound justified it. He's now back, but Young Thug doesn't offer up much in Beautiful Thugger Girls.

Beautiful Thugger Girls starts off on a high but soon falls down low. Album opener 'Family Don't Matter' brings the record to a good start, and while the lyrics are barely subpar, the instrumental sounds very fresh and innovative with its changing sections. 'Tomorrow Til Infinity' is one of the only truly redeemable tracks on the record, with its lyrics improving from the previous track and the instrumental still fresh.

From there, it's pretty hit or miss. 'She Wanna Party' admittedly could've been good if Young Thug didn't resort to singing. His use of autotune is executed half well. The autotune harmonies sound pretty creative and fun, but the main delivery is pretty miserable. Guest Millie Go Lightly deserved a bigger spotlight in the track, too, her vocals in the background sounding great below Young Thug's terrible vocals. 'Relationship' has a pop rap vibe to it making it at least approachable, and Future's contribution is pretty good, if not a bit insignificant. It's a nicer track, but again it just doesn't feel like it goes anywhere.

By the end of the record, it really feels like Young Thug ran out of ideas. At the core of Beautiful Thugger Girls is a series of songs that genuinely sound the same. That's the problem when rappers try to go with a laidback vibe for too long - everything blends together and ends up becoming one long, inconsequential run of tracks that isn't memorable at all. Everything from 'On Fire' to 'Oh Yeah' gets lost in the sound, losing sight of direction or creativity. Lyrically, this album doesn't have too many impressive moments... "STD, I'm takin' over your ward / Homegirl fine, body smooth and all / Planned on havin' more kids than God, damn" on 'Do U Love Me' just doesn't come off right.

Young Thug doesn't offer up much is Beautiful Thugger Girls, taking a step down from his last effort. His creative juices that flowed on Jeffery just don't churn here. It's less inspired, his innovative trap presence really becoming something closer to a knockoff sound, if anything. The world knows his potential, but why doesn't her exercise it?

Favorite Tracks: Tomorrow Til Infinity, Relationship

Least Favorite Tracks: Oh Yeah, Do U Love Me

Rating: 68 / 100

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