Public Service Broadcasting Bring Cries Of The Past To The Present In "Every Valley"

In today's political climate, it isn't uncommon to see themes of the past repeat themselves. Post-rockers Public Service Broadcasting always bring a political statement with their music, and their latest record is no different. Public Service Broadcasting bring cries of the past to the present in Every Valley, connecting a former rebellion to today's divided political world.

Every Valley centers around the coal mining industry in southern Wales in the 80s. The album argues primarily on the idea of sustainability, songs like 'People Will Always Need Coal' making the original optimism and ignorance of the supporters of the coal industry seem foolish at best. The foolishness is highlighted dramatically in 'Turn No More' featuring Manic Street Preachers vocalist James Dean Bradfield, as he sings a poem from the era.

The album is very much driven by its instrumentals, being primarily a post-rock album. The only vocals are provided by guests or are tape recordings used to bolster the meanings the instrumentals build. You can really feel the struggle in the instruments, though; opening track 'Every Night' is dramatic and beautiful with its full orchestra, its ending building to epic proportions. The process of the revolution is developed in the more movement-oriented songs, but some really capture the tension, like the aggressive 'All Out.' You feel celebratory vibes in 'They Gave Me A Lamp' with its loud brass in collaboration with Haiku Salut, a dreamy and gorgeous track following with 'You + Me' featuring Welsh singer Lisa Jên Brown. The story of the record comes to a calm and emotional conclusion in 'Mother Of The Village,' the acapella ode 'Take Me Home' ending things all off.

Public Service Broadcasting bring cries of the past to the present in Every Valley, reminding us that if we don't learn from the past, it is doomed to repeat in the future. Sustainability of resources may seem like a trivial problem in the grand scheme of our world right now but it's a problem that's very real. Public Service Broadcasting has reignited the attention it needs, and the time to act is now.

Favorite Tracks: They Gave Me A Lamp, You + Me, Every Valley

Least Favorite Track: People Will Always Need Coal

Rating: 80 / 100

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