The Front Bottoms Delve Deeper Into Pop Punk In "Going Grey"

When The Front Bottoms signed to Fueled By Ramen, they took a new turn. They lost a bit of their edge, but they developed a new style that still stayed true to themselves The Front Bottoms delve deeper into pop punk in Going Grey, their new record with a softer sound.

The Front Bottoms have undoubtedly taken a smoother route over the last few years, but they still manage to make due. Going Grey opens to the ambient sounds of waves, 'You Used To Say (Holy Fuck)' kicking the record off with a sweet and brooding presence, even if the lyrics may be a bit blunt at points. The drive is something that the album never loses, keeping it rolling throughout many tracks, including the anthemic sound of 'Bae.'

The lighter side of The Front Bottoms really comes out on Going Grey, not so much as the result of contrast but by the result of the content. 'Trampoline,' for example, is super poppy with the synths taking precedence over the guitars. 'Raining' follows up, its subdued sound really wetting the drive near the end of the record. The end of the record attempts to pick things back up a bit , though without much success. 'Everyone But You' sees The Front Bottoms trying to return to their more edgy sound from earlier efforts, yet its rebelliousness seems to lack punch. 'Ocean' is a sweet yet average song, though the way it ends the album in the same manner as the record began is something special.

The Front Bottoms delve deeper into pop punk in Going Grey, their evolution taking them down a lighter road still. It doesn't quite have the charm as their indie roots, but it's still a developing road. It's more solidified than their last effort Back On Top was, yet its still not quite hitting any high points.

Favorite Track: Bae

Least Favorite Track: Everyone But You

Rating: 66 / 100

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