Cindy Wilson Creates Dreamy Atmosphere In "Change"

Psychedelic music often offers up a lot of imagination. All the magic lies in the atmosphere, and that's certainly what Cindy Wilson makes sure to prioritize. Cindy Wilson creates dreamy atmosphere in Change, it's old-school vibes and reverberating sonics allowing for a lot of creativity to unfold.

Wilson enters Change easily, the laidback introduction of 'People Are Asking' giving off the scenery of an enchanting twilight. The album loves to toy with its mysterious textures, reiterating them in 'No One Can Tell You,' with a sweeter connotation attached. There's a lot of mood created in the slow nature of Change, each song embodying its own space and creating a unique sound along with it.

As Change progresses, it does get a bit brighter, as if it's slowly shedding its own weight as it reveals its past. 'Mystic' comes in with old-school electronica to aid its drive, adding an almost nostalgic energy to the record's core. From there, it's a much more optimistic album, at least in its sonic soundscape. 'Sunrise' is a different song, the first one where the new tone is very well defined as it brightly moves along. The trend follows on 'On The Inside,' before 'Memory' closes the album at a middle ground.

Cindy Wilson creates dreamy atmosphere in Change, wonderfully embodying atmosphere and mood along its playtime. There's not much that sticks out, but the entire listening experience is relaxing and calming all the same.

Favorite Track: Sunrise

Least Favorite Track: Mystic

Rating: 72 / 100

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