"Concrete and Gold" Is A Step In A New Direction For The Foo Fighters

When discussing diversity in rock, the Foo Fighters normally aren't part of the discussion. Their alternative rock formula has been the root of their success but at the same time, the factor which prevented them from growing too much. Concrete and Gold is a step in a new direction for the Foo Fighters, bringing their epic sound to a modern stage.

From the very start of the album, you can tell there's something different going on. The short but effective introduction 'T-Shirt' opens with a Queen-like sound, grandiose and harmonies really exemplifying the track and making it stand out even if it's only a minute and a half long. Right out of the glorious 'T-Shirt' comes lead single 'Run,' a powerful track with anthemic drums and an epic body with a big punk influence and huge riffs, featuring some of the heaviest moments the Foo Fighters have ever hit. The unique places the album goes follows through right to the very end, where the Foo Fighters end on a dramatic note instead of a big build up with 'Concrete and Gold,' the title track. It's a dark ending instead of a grand one, which is a twist for the band.

Concrete and Gold isn't only diverse in genre, but in the deliveries, as well. Dave Grohl can be heard roaring as he would normally do on 'The Sky Is A Neighborhood,' but the bluesy and dreamy combination is something that the band hasn't really ever tried before, at least in this format. The dreamy atmosphere of 'Dirty Water' leads into another giant moment, while Taylor Hawkins really gives it all on vocals in 'Sunday Rain' with it's vaguely Pink Floyd influenced sound. The most surprising song on the album is 'The Line,' which just screams modern alternative rock. Most modern Foo hits still have the ring of classic rock in them, but this song takes the best of those tracks and makes it sound fresh and real, almost like they were rejuvenated.

Concrete and Gold is a step in a new direction for the Foo Fighters, making their sound more modern and straying from their formula. It's a record that tells story and has cultures infused within it, almost like the best of Sonic Highways met The Shape and The ColourSonic Highways was one of the first albums we reviewed, and just like we have, the Foo Fighters are changing and evolving, as well as time comes. The future is only up from here.

Favorite Tracks: The Line, Run, The Sky Is A Neighborhood, Sunday Rain

Least Favorite Track: Concrete and Gold

Rating: 87 / 100

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