Stone Temple Pilots Return With New Vocalist and Song 'Meadow'

Stone Temple Pilots have had it rough the last few years. Their first frontman Scott Weiland abandoned responsibilities for the band, sadly passing away in December of 2015. They parted ways with Chester Bennington towards the end of 2016, and his death crushed the music world earlier this year. Despite all this tragedy, Stone Temple Pilots are moving ahead and have finally got their new singer: Dry Cell's Jeff Gutt. The band has returned with a new vocalist and a new song called 'Meadow.'

'Meadow' is giving older fans of the band time to rejoice. Gutt sounds right at home in the track, nailing the track with grunge, stylish flair just like Weiland was able to while still displaying his own tone. Gutt's voice fits perfectly into the track, its grittier riffs departing from the alternative vibes from the Chester era with High Rise.

The track itself is very reminiscent of the band's older sound. Thick, distorted riffs and a load of drive from the drums taking you back to those mid-90s early alternative grooves. Stone Temple Pilots were one of the champions of alternative rock, so its no surprise that the band can truly own this sound. The production makes it sound a bit old fashioned, yet you could be fooled into thinking this was a song from the Weiland era with how right it sounds.

Stone Temple Pilots return with a new vocalist and song 'Meadow,' bringing things back to their old days with a new face. Gutt sounds comfortable and confident, and his voice is just what the band ordered. They've faced tragedy in the last few years, but hopefully it's time for them to shine and hold their heads up for a time to come.

Rating: 85 / 100

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