Poppy's "Poppy.Computer" May Be The Strangest Pop Record You Ever Hear

There's all sorts of music at there that, at this point, nothing should surprise you. Alas, there will always be a way. Enter Poppy, a pop singer with a peculiar vibe. Having made some moderate success on YouTube and crafting a unique sound in her music, Poppy has really carved out her own space in the pop world. That being said, Poppy's Poppy.Computer may be the strangest pop record you ever hear.

Something American pop music really needs is a new trend in production. J-Pop and K-Pop are some of the most dynamic genres in all of music, their production crisp and always changing. Poppy draws heavily from those genres, and the results are refreshing. Though by adding in her own little touch, things can get... interesting. 'I'm Poppy' introduces the record, a very fun synth playing under the almost unsettling "P-O-P-P-Y I'm Poppy." Credit should be given where it is due, though, and it needs to be said that this song is undeniably catchy. 'Let's Make A Video' follows up with a slightly more familiar sound, drawing from Carly Rae Jepsen and continuing to keep the production fun.

Poppy.Computer is a genuinely strange album, and it adds to its charm. It bounces between being a stereotypical teen pop album (which really isn't being done enough anymore) and some sort of weird commentary on the Internet, giving the album some edge. It's almost like the OK Computer of pop, except without the fear of what society is becoming. Instead, Poppy sings "When you glow on my face you make me come alive / I want your floppy disk to be my hard drive" on 'Computer Boy' and "Maybe I'm a spider / or maybe I'm a fisherman" on 'Interweb.' Not quite the dystopian hysteria of Radiohead. Some songs are just baffling, though there are quite a few that really serve as catchy, great pop songs, including 'Moshi Moshi,' which might be plain stupid on the top but is incredibly catchy; essentially, its the definition of a pop song for the radio.

Poppy's Poppy.Computer may be the strangest pop record you ever hear, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. At first, it may be hard to swallow Poppy's J-Pop production and her robotic theme, but as you go through you sort of start piecing together some meaning for it all. And that's for no other reason than that you will need to have some sort of justification for why this album exists.

Favorite Tracks: Moshi Moshi, I'm Poppy

Least Favorite Tracks: Interweb, Fuzzy

Rating: 74 / 100

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