Alvvays Bring Good Vibes In "Antisocialites"

There's nothing wrong with a sense of there being nothing wrong once in awhile. To escape all your problems for a brief moment of peace is always a welcome feeling. That's what you can do with Alvvays's new album, which keeps the upbeat feelings rolling. Alvvays bring good vibes in Antisocialites to help you step away from your problems for a bit.

The album begins cheerfully, the warm tones of 'In Undertow' starting the album off. The vocals have a vaguely melancholy vibe to them, but there's a warmth in the bittersweet delivery. 'Dreams Tonite' follows with a sweeter sound, and a more lowkey approach to the vibe. Antisocialites tends to stay pretty subtle with all its emotional undertones, most of the album being pretty straightforward. Nothing wrong with a bit of blatancy.

Antisocialites is a peaceful and chill record, but it's not necessarily an album that you'd turn to again and again. After the first listen, you've pretty much heard it all. There's not much hiding under the surface of each track, and by the same length there isn't much keeping the album too interesting either. Alvvays's peaceful sound manage to keep the album soothing throughout the album, but there's nothing that'll really have you coming back.

Alvvays brings good vibes on Antisocialites and will keep you at peace, but not much will really keep you coming back to it. An average record, certainly, but one that is effective at what it does all the same. Not every record has to be a big one.

Favorite Track: Dreams Tonite

Least Favorite Track: Your Type

Rating: 70 / 100

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