Nothing But Thieves Explores New Sounds On "Broken Machine"

Earlier today, we discussed how Nothing But Thieves breathed a new life into rock with their debut album Nothing But Thieves. Since the release of that record, Nothing But Thieves has taken over the alternative rock world and become a real force on the scene, and they're finally back with their long-awaited new album. Nothing But Thieves explores new sounds on Broken Machine to make their immense sound even stronger.

On their debut, Nothing But Thieves' approach was fairly straightforward. The classic rock band lineup with the occasional synths here and there made up their immense sound, but on Broken Machine, the band isn't afraid to experiment a little more. The album begins on a deceivingly familiar note, 'I Was Just A Kid' rolling straight into a wild atmosphere right off the bat, powerful riffs and soaring vocals from Conor Mason making the track electric. The song progresses beautifully, going from quieter moments back to the wilder ones. The classic grandiose of Nothing But Thieves is present throughout the record, 'I'm Not Made By Design' bringing epic choruses, and 'Get Better' brings the classic, lowkey groove.

The main component of Broken Machine that separates it from Nothing But Thieves is its closer grab on electronica. There are many songs that have a generally poppier disposition (the anthemic 'Amsterdam' and single 'Sorry' being examples), but some songs really take in the electronic elements and excel. One such song is 'Live Like Animals,' the perfect cross between the band's rock grip and their new exploration. The electronics are the most epic part of the song, and there are some truly incredible moments in this song overall. The band channel their ballad prowess a few times on the record, 'Particles' essentially being a more anthemic 'Lover, Please Stay' and closing track 'Afterlife' bringing a distinct purity to close the record out with. The instrumental is phenomenal and the melodies are fantastic, giving the album the closure it deserves.

Nothing But Thieves explores new sounds on Broken Machine, taking their rock sound and amplifying it into a more compressed and pop-progressive fashion. The album isn't as focussed on the sound like their debut, but focusses on the stories of the songs, and how they can amplify the meanings of those songs with the instrumental. It's a brilliant album from start to finish, and from start to finish it'll have you rolling with every kick.

Favorite Tracks: Live Like Animals, I'm Not Made By Design, I Was Just A Kid, Afterlife

Least Favorite Track: Get Better

Rating: 88 / 100

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