Frank Ocean Continues Pop Domination With 'Chanel'

Frank Ocean seems to love being back in action. Ever since he took the world by storm with 2016's visual album Endless and the formally released blonde, Ocean has been tearing up the music scene with big headlining appearances and huge features on tracks, like the latest Calvin Harris track 'Slide.'

He's not satisfied just yet, though. He's released a brand new song entitled 'Chanel' if not to do nothing more than rub in how luxurious his life is right now. There's a much deeper meaning to the track that goes beyond it's fanciness, however, making it another staple track for Ocean's comeback.

The song is brought in peacefully with a worldy beat and reverberating pianos before opening the song up with the really smart lines "My guy pretty like a girl / And he got fight stories to tell / I see both sides like Chanel / See on both sides like Chanel," exploring everything from homosexuality to Ocean's famous stance on duality (and Chanel's connection with Nazism). The song has plenty of interestingly complex lines like these, like "They banned my Visa / My Amex and Mastercards" that not only brings a new motif of money to the end of the track but also references his appearance on 'Slide.'

The bubbly nature of the track makes it sound really sweet. There's a lot of euphoric sentiments of this track making it really dreamy. From the intimacy of having a lover to the pretty abrupt-yet-effective "Yes the good / Dick could roll the eyes back in the skull." It's all about love and enjoying life (in any way you can imagine, really). There's nothing really climactic about the track or even much captivating within it, but it does provide a easy and vibe-inducing listen.

Frank Ocean is continuing to take the pop world over with his subtle tracks and his big hype. He's been on a role since he dropped his albums, and we're on track to be getting a new song from him every month, it seems. We're not sure if that's the output we'll be getting, but who knows. We're not entirely sure what he has up his sleeve, if anything, but what we do know is that it won't let us down.

Rating: 80 / 100

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