Rise Against Keep Their Purpose Alive In "Wolves"

Since their inception, Rise Against always battled injustice in politics. Today's world is basically a treasure trove of good songs for them, and they take advantage of that in their new album. Without targeting specifics, Rise Against keep their purpose alive in Wolves.

It's impossible for any band to stay away from the state of American politics, so by no means should we expect Rise Against to stray from the topic. They make a profoundly angry statement with 'Bullshit,' its upfront riffs and damning lyrics that don't try to shroud themselves in metaphors. 'Mourning In Amerika' takes the most direct shot at the state of things, targeting everything from the media to the current administration.

Rise Against delivers musically on top of thematically, too. Opening track 'Wolves' is a constantly changing track, its opening bringing some drama to the album early one before the song changes its energy to something more unrestrained, quieting down and exploding all over again by the end. 'Welcome To The Breakdown' plays to their punk roots, its offkilter delivery really adding some more intensity to the album.

Rise Against never go gently into something. That's proven on Wolves, with its plethora of huge moments. The more alternative songs, including single 'The Violence' and 'House On Fire' have a great drive to them that gives the record its catchier tones. The bigger moments come with riffs, such as brief moments in closing track 'Miracle' (that brings the album to a somewhat abrupt stop), where shots of thick riffs come through.

Rise Against keep their purpose alive in Wolves, still confidently moving forward to challenge society as it stands. Their music teaches above all else, not just that problems do exist, but also that our voices are the ones that matter. Revolution begins with one person, and from there, a million voices will gather.

Favorite Tracks: Wolves, Parts Per Million, Welcome To The Breakdown

Least Favorite Track: Bullshit

Rating: 75 / 100

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