Danielle Bradbery's "I Don't Believe We've Met" Falls In Line With Every Standard Pop Record

It's the seasons for lovey-dovey pop records with smooth production, and an artist really needs to work if they want a definitive album. The Voice winner Danielle Bradbery is making it certain that she wasn't just a one time wonder with the show, but she's not making a great example of it. Danielle Bradbery's I Don't Believe We've Met falls in line with every standard pop record that's come before it.

Saying it falls in line doesn't mean that it doesn't have it's own standard; it's a very okay record. 'Sway' opens it up without having much of a lasting impact, leaving a "meh" impression on you. It's the impression you get throughout the album, so it's a fitting opener, it seems. The beginning of the record introduces all the types of sounds you hear on the record and are subsequently unimpressed by; 'Potential' has a darker vibe but the line "I'm not in love with you, I'm in love with your potential" makes absolutely no sense, while 'What Are We Doing' takes on the sweet love ballad type.

The rest of the record follows suit, fittingly. Little is done to do anything out of the expected, as Bradbery delivers songs you've heard a hundred times before with better words and better melodies. By the time you get to 'Hello Summer,' you really feel as if you haven't heard anything of worth. It's all the same song you hear every holiday season, and there's nothing special contained in I Don't Believe We've Met to make you come back.

Danielle Bradbery's I Don't Believe We've Met falls in line with every standard pop record that you've heard before. It has its sweet melodies and moody moments, but there's just nothing special about the music or lyrics. Half the time, one or the other is either unimpressive or makes no sense. T'is the season for disappointment.

Favorite Track: Messy

Least Favorite Track: Hello Summer

Rating: 53 / 100