Max Cooper Delivers Chill Vibes In "Chromos" EP

House music always delivers the right vibes to lay back and chill, while still having some life to it for a more energetic scene. Max Cooper delivers chill vibes in the Chromos EP, an interesting EP that has big atmosphere with it.

Chromos is an EP of four tracks, but they all pack a pretty long run, getting longer as the album goes on. That means there's a lot of time to build in each track. 'Coils Of Living Synthesis' is a long winding track, introduced by a distorting intro before moving into an atmospheric, pulsing vibe. It's dark and ominous, creaking and crying out as it goes, the synths slowly soaring and growing as the track continues.

The curious start to 'Molten Landscapes' is the beginning of the track that really represents what Chromos is. A long winding track, it begins softly before building up darkly with billowing synths and huge atmosphere by the end. It's like you're getting sucked up into a pulsing black hole, slowly expanding as it goes and you drift deeper into it.

Max Cooper delivers chill vibes in his Chromos EP, spacious sounds coming together nicely with a house beat. It's not climactic and doesn't have a lot of redeemable sounds to return to, but it's something to kick back and enjoy.

Favorite Track: Molten Landscapes

Least Favorite Track: Four Tone Reflections

Rating: 65 / 100

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