Machine Gun Kelly Grabs At Meaning In "Bloom"

Machine Gun Kelly isn't exactly the cream of the crop rapper, but he tries. Unfortunately for him, a lot of his attempts don't provide very fruitful results. Machine Gun Kelly grabs at meaning in Bloom without much success.

For what it's worth, the album opens up on a great note. 'The Gunner' introduces the record with haunting piano chords and thunderstorm ambience behind it. The way he grunts before he comes in isn't the greatest thing ever, but as his verse kicks in, the instrumental gets even bigger. The layers of electronics, pounding bass, and guitars all make the song sound big and energetic. The piano loop returns to help assist the urgency and chaos of the track, making it epic from all angles.

Bloom is really all about the instrumentals, if quality is in question. Ignore anything else and focus on the instrumentals, and you'll be pretty satisfied with the record. 'Wake + Bake' has a very soulful intro full of gospel vibes, and that carries on as the track proceeds. MGK is not as invigorating as the instrumental, however, bringing the track down. He does almost carry his weight on tracks like 'Kiss The Sky' and 'Rehab,' where the message is sweet and clear and the instrumental following suit.

The issue really lies with MGK himself. Throughout the album, you can tell there is meaning to be found, but it isn't Machine Gun Kelly delivering it. On the songs with guests, it's them who do the real talking: Camila Cabello, while ripping of Rihanna, does give 'Bad Things' its mood, and James Arthur on 'Go For Broke' really sums up everything perfectly on his own. When MGK does shoot for a message, he's either cocky or just does it in a bad way, like in 'Golden God' and 'Can't Walk,' which are complete disasters, or in 'Let You Go,' which tries to go with a more genuine path but ends up just feeling lackluster. Even Quavo and Ty Dolla $ign can't save him, 'Trap Paris' just feeling weak even with the notable collabs.

Machine Gun Kelly grabs at meaning in Bloom but fails at it most of the time. He's an artist who really relies on hyped up instrumentals and teenage angst, and sadly he's not channeling much of either on this record. There are sweet moments on the album that give it some credit, but it's largely a flop.

Favorite Track: The Gunner

Least Favorite Tracks: Can't Walk, Golden God

Rating: 67 / 100

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