Royal Blood Brings Back Real Rock With "How Did We Get So Dark?"

Since their debut was released, Royal Blood has been highly acclaimed as the new generation of true rockers. The duo makes massive tracks with only thick bass guitar, drums, and vocals. Their straightforward, blistering front has really gone a long way, but they're not afraid of some experimentation. Royal Blood brings back real rock with How Did We Get So Dark?, their long-awaited sophomore record.

Royal Blood has one goal that reigns above all else: bring the jams. That's what they do. This new album doesn't stray from that idea. It opens with title track 'How Did We Get So Dark?,' and you're immediately reminded of why we needed new Royal Blood so bad. The fat riffs return straight off the bat, bringing the album to a kicking start. The melodies seem to play a more central role on this record than on the debut, the riffs and melodies really coming together. Things get big on tracks like 'Look Like You Know,' where riffs roar and the melodies soar.

There is a bunch of classic Royal Blood content on this record that lets you know that this band is here to stay and keep killing it. 'Hook, Line, and Sinker' and its frantic riff stays fast and strong, while badass lead single 'Lights Out' roars to life with its blistering riffs and its electrifying solo. The harmonies in the track are just phenomenal, giving life to the record.

Royal Blood also experiments a bit in How Did We Get So Dark? to keep their creative juices flowing. The most striking example is the use of synths in 'Hole In Your Heart,' the song being introduced with the keyboard sound before returning to the band's explosive nature. The band keep things groovy with tracks 'I Only Lie When I Love You' and 'She's Creeping,' and while this aspect isn't necessarily new to the band, it's still a welcome sound to hear that does add some character to the record that is normally barreling down with riffs.

Royal Blood brings back real rock with How Did We Get So Dark?, proving yet again that the genre is here to stay. The absolute power of this duo is incomparable, and their sound still feels so energetic and fresh that it's bound to keep kicking our asses for years and years to come. Let's just hope it's not another long, long wait, because the world needs this band right now.

Favorite Tracks: Lights Out, How Did We Get So Dark?, Where Are You Now?

Least Favorite Track: Don't Tell

Rating: 87 / 100

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