Beck Keeps His Creativity Flowing In "Colors"

Of all the producers out there at the moment, Beck is undoubtedly one of the most creative. His last effort earned him a Grammy award, and he's following up with something even more bombastic. Beck keeps his creativity flowing in Colors, packing a lot of interesting sounds and some fun into the album.

The best part about Colors is the way it keeps the energy going throughout its run. It kicks off with a running start in title track 'Colors,' the great production going hand in hand with the super fun sound. It's hard to go wrong when the song itself screams a good time. Guitar often plays a central roll in many of the songs, especially 'I'm So Free' and its awesome pre-chorus buildup and huge choruses. 'No Distraction' adds funk into the mix, finding the perfect blend between grooviness and melodic alternative rock to make the track seamlessly fun.

It's not all about energy, though. Beck finds time for other styles, as well, all of which are executed phenomenally. The intro to 'Seventh Heaven' with the overlaid guitar harmonies is just gorgeous, seamlessly evolving throughout the song and making it a simply beautiful track. His creativity really shines on 'Dreams,' the different guitar sections dynamically changing constantly yet effortlessly. Beck even adds some ragtime funkiness into the mix with 'Dear Life,' before getting to the final stages of the record with the upbeat drive of 'Square One' and big 'Fix You.'

If there's anyone who knows how to be creative, it's Beck. Beck keeps his creativity flowing in Colors, offering up effortless risks and making things sound super fresh in a world of pop that seems stagnant a lot of the time. It's nice to see there are still some gears churning in that world.

Favorite Tracks: Seventh Heaven, I'm So Free, No Distraction

Least Favorite Track: Fix You

Rating: 79 / 100

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