Waxahatchee Gets Herself Through A Failing Relationship On "Out Of The Storm"

Waxahatchee's lo-fi tones have always been the soundtrack to hard times. Her music always has a story that comes right from the heart, and it's no different with her new record. Waxahatchee gets herself through a failing relationship on Out Of The Storm, her fourth record.

Waxahatchee's music always has a faraway texture to it that adds a dimension to her feelings. In her introvertedness she finds new ways to express her thoughts through her words, most evident on tracks like the twangy '8 Ball' and its magical atmosphere and metaphors. There's haunting reality throughout the album's lyrics, especially on later track 'Hear You' which chants "reality is lost" in the familiar warming tone.

Out Of The Storm has an overall warm feel but its message is very relatable. As Waxahatchee begins the album with a positive and upbeat outlook on 'Never Been Wrong,' she ends up continuing to see the true nature of the self-destructive relationship by the end of the album on 'Fade.' The progression of the record's message really comes off effectively as you walk through every new realization and step along the way to build to the album's story. It's almost like you can watch the scenes play out in your head as it goes. You feel her pain as much as you feel your own emotions.

Waxachatee gets herself through a failing relationship on Out Of The Storm and takes you alone for every step of the way, making it a very powerful record that tells two stories: hers and your own. Every album has a story but often times you don't find yourself living through the scenario yourself, but rather just morphing the songs to your own personal situations. Out Of The Storm has you doing both and its a fantastic and powerful journey.

Favorite Track: Hear You

Least Favorite Track: Recite Remorse

Rating: 77 / 100

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