Sylvan Esso Strip Things Down On The "Echo Mountains Sessions" EP

It wasn't long ago that Sylvan Esso first started making a mark on the world of indie pop, releasing their debut record What Now back in April. The duo have taken some numbers from the record and taken things down a notch for a new EP that shows a rawer side to their music. Sylvan Esso strip things down on the Echo Mountains Sessions EP and bring out the emotion of some of their album's most robust songs.

Hearing acoustic versions of songs, especially electronic-focused songs, is always a treat. It always seems to bring out something much more real about them. That's very much true for Sylvan Esso. Opening with a stripped down version of 'Rewind,' the panicked and mechanic song that closed out What Now. It's brought back down a more relaxed vibe and in the chill atmosphere it finds time to build awesomely. Closing number 'Slack Jaw' reduces itself down as well, becoming just a piano version. Oddly enough, the piano seems to fill up more space than the gentle version found on What Now that only features the sweet vocals of Amelia Meath.

Sylvan Esso don't drop all of their energy from the record, though. The two middle songs are packed with a fun energy that'll have you grooving along. 'Die Young' has a great atmosphere, replicating a synth with vocals, introducing a fantastic synth, and seeing Meath really let her vocals loose towards the end. It's a brilliant way of reconstructing the song with more acoustic elements. 'The Glow' becomes more of an indie track, its energetic and warm atmosphere sounding like it came straight out of a classic indie record.

Sylvan Esso strip things down on the Echo Mountain Sessions EP, brilliantly reconstructing songs in a more acoustic manner. Of all the indie pop outfits out there, this duo is really showing that they are worth watching. The music is beautiful and chill while not losing the band's character - and that's how you do acoustic versions correctly.

Favorite Tracks: Slack Jaw, Die Young

Least Favorite Track: The Glow

Rating: 86 / 100

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