The Last Dinosaur Keeps It Mellow On "The Nothing"

There's nothing like kicking back and enjoying the calmness of something, whether its the world or a piece of art. That's all you can do with The Last Dinosaur as he keeps it mellow on The Nothing.

There's something very mysterious about this album that draws you in. It's very raw and stark, the vocals often coming with a whispered and hushed tone. To best understand the album, you really do have to make it all the way to the end. Closing track 'Goodnight' brings the album out on its rawest note, a beautiful orchestra and somber piano chords moving slowly under Jamie Cameron's whispered and tired vocals. The album progresses from the warm but sad acoustic beginning of 'Atoms' and slowly falls out into something that feels like its at the end of its ropes.

The Nothing is beautifully constructed on all fronts. There isn't an album that captures such austere loneliness or dreariness like The Last Dinosaur does here. You feel more and more in touch with yourself in an isolated sense as the album progresses as the album becomes much rawer and more quiet as it progresses. There are moments where this doesn't always work quite how he wish it would, though; there aren't many places that you can complain about, but the overdramatic sound of the whispering in 'I Couldn't Wait' feels like it holds back to track just a tad. It works perfectly elsewhere, however, like on 'Wings' as it perfectly moves along with a glorious orchestra leading it to its end.

The Last Dinosaur keeps it mellow on The Nothing in a truly beautiful way. It's not an album with more action, but its an album that brings clarity. Individual songs don't stick out much, but as a whole piece of art it's a truly mystifying album. There's nothing like feeling alone but also feeling okay with that.

Favorite Tracks: Goodnight, Wings, Atoms

Least Favorite Track: The Body Collapse

Rating: 79 / 100

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