Broken Social Scene Sends Indie Vibes In "Hug Of Thunder"

There's nothing like a good indie anthem to make your day. Broken Social Scene sends indie vibes in Hug Of Thunder, their new album, that'll satisfy all your needs for a good indie tune with their wide variety of sounds.

Hug Of Thunder begins dramatically, but sheds that skin fast. The electronic and mysterious textures of opening track 'Sol Luna' give way to the upbeat 'Halfway Home,' its joyful instrumental leading the mood under its somewhat melancholy vocals. The band chants "You say we're halfway home" in an almost Radiohead-anthem delivery, excited to return to where they belong but upset that they aren't quite there yet. 'Protest Song' continues the vibes with something more chill and laidback, but the build in the end is big; if only it led to something climactic would it really be something huge!

The best part about this album is that it doesn't stick to one mood like a lot of indie albums tend to do. You have the cool and laidback moments like 'Protest Song' but then you're taken elsewhere, such as to 'Stay Happy' with its glitchy atmosphere and fun delivery and 'Vanity Pail Kids' with its funky and rampant mood. Many indie albums find one general idea to cling on to and keep repeating that same formula in every song. Broken Social Scene aren't afraid to be diverse, and that's refreshing to hear.

Indie anthems are unique and plenty as Broken Social Scene sends indie vibes in Hug Of Thunder. There's a refreshing sound in the album rooting from its ability to change tone and style while still sounding grounded. There's not many bands making something like this out there in the world of indie.

Favorite Track: Stay Happy

Least Favorite Track: Towers and Masons

Rating: 72 / 100

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