Vérité Brings Pop Back To Life In "Something In Between"

Pop is in a state where its becoming a comfortable place to be. There's definitive trends and ways to make a successful pop song, and artists are clinging to that pretty closely. There are a few who are straying from that path and taking their own road, however, with newcomer Vérité being a prime example. Vérité brings pop back to life in Something In Between, her debut LP that explodes with creativity and passion.

An album that stays true to self while still being connectable is something everyone can appreciate, regardless of genre. When something that's not genuine comes around, you can really feel it. Vérité really sounds like everything's coming from her heart, especially on the tracks that deal with love. 'Bout Yout' is one of the first songs that really comes across as such, the anthemic pop track very expressive and catchy along with its message. 'Need Nothing' has an empowering vibe to it while still dealing with love, and it delivers a personal message atop its poppy delivery.

The best part of Something In Between is its sound. It has an alternative presence with a distinct pop atmosphere, combining elements from several from both genres to create a strong product. Opening track 'When You're Gone' captures you with its ethereal presence and great vocals, while 'Death Of Me' keeps things rolling with a fun vibe and great punchy brass instruments in the choruses. It all ends with 'Freedom Of Falling,' a track that builds until it climaxes beautifully at the end.

Vérité brings pop back to life in Something In Between, her debut album bringing emotion and quality to the table. An artist who can bring real meaning as well as great music along with it is bound for success, and Vérité's future has us excited. This is the start of something big.

Favorite Tracks: Freedom Of Falling, Death Of Me, Solutions

Least Favorite Track: Saint

Rating: 80 / 100

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